Monday, May 26, 2014

The Best Laid Plans ... Packing and the Things You Forget

Hey everyone! Well I leave in about a day and some change! I can't believe it has come up so fast. It seems like just a few days ago I started making lists of everything I'd need. Anyway... I flew from Detroit to Wilmington yesterday and on Wednesday I'll fly out of Philly. So after weeks of prepping and buying a ridiculous amount of first aid supplies and OTC medications just in case... inevitably I forgot a few things back in Michigan. So I was sitting at the airport and realized I forgot my hat, the one I  bought for the trip. Luckily it has the tags and is on its way back to Amazon for a refund. Then when I got on the plane it was chilly and I realized that I had forgotten to pack a fleece for the cooler nights! Then... this morning I unpacked and repacked my bag to make sure I had everything... and I realized I forgot to pack my super fancy waterproof boots I bought last year to brave the flooded sidewalks in West Chester! So today was spent running around like crazy and buying replacement items. I have new waterproof boot/shoe things that seem comfy and I'm trying to break it. I got a new hat and a thin hoodie to keep me warm in the evening. Overall, not the end of the world, but it is just a little reminder that you can make all the lists you want, it doesn't mean you will remember the basics! So I've attached a picture of my new shoe/boots and a picture of everything I packed in space saver bags for my main piece of luggage (not including my toiletry bag... or my carryon that is full of tech stuff and prescription meds! Now I'm off for a walk with my friend to try and break the shoes in some!!

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