Thursday, May 29, 2014

A New Day, A New Continent. Travel & First views of Rwanda

So this will be a very very short blog post since I'm insanely tired. It is 11pm here in Kigali. So I made it! Most of our group was upgraded to first class due to overbooking and we had a blast! So the first flight was about 12 hours and was late, so after sitting around for 12 hours we had to sprint across DOHA to get to our next plane, which was also late. Long story short, the total trip with layovers was about 24 hours. Then we had to go exchange money, get sim cards (which they are having troubles activating) and then dinner. Rwanda is AMAZING! I've only seen a bit of it, but words cannot describe what it looks like. Tomorrow we will go to a museum....and something else (Jet Lag Brain) so I'll update you all on how that goes!! I've attached a couple pictures so you can see a few I took today.

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