Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 15: Boats, Cars, and Volcanoes

Today we got up early and had the most amazing breakfast. Sitting on the lake shore the workers brought out our food by the truckload. We ate it fast because we had another boat ride to catch. We rode out onto lake Kivu and stopped on a micro island for a group picture. From there we went to a natural hot spring where we were greeted by children that folks is by the hand to the spring. Once we got there the children each took a hand, rinsed it. Following the rinse they took leaves from nearby plants and used them to scrub our hands and then rinsed them again. After that we got back on the boat and went back to the hotel. We loaded up and hit the road. The workers at the hotel were awesome and sent us on our way with a surprise doughnut wrapped in a banana leaf. 

Along our way to our next town we stopped at a former orphanage, made famous from Gorillas In the Mist (where Sigourney Weaver goes to write her letter of resignation) and we got a tour. We also got to see more dancing, something the original owner enjoyed every Sunday. I got to go up and join the drummers, which as a former drum line member was awesome. From there we heard out to the next town near volcanoes national park. We stopped at a twa village after lunch and they sang and danced. We got to meet these people and have discussions with them about their life and culture. From there we did some more shopping and then dinner. Soon we will go back to our rustic hotel and hopefully get a good night of sleep. I'll add a couple pictures now, using my phone app, and I'll try to add more later. There isn't wifi at the hotel, so I'm probably going to use my phone for the last days here. 

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