Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 10: Chimpanzee Tracking

Today we got up early and had to leave the guest house no later than 5am. We met our guide and rode into the forest. Once we were at the start of the trail a series of guides and trackers guided us in two groups to where the chimps were. Myself and Dr. Gaydosh were in the slower group and we were able to take our time a bit more than the others that had to move very fast. I was not willing to re-injure my knee, but wanted to participate either way. We descended into the forest and came to a split. My guide told me that a chimp was 20 minutes to the left. So we went 30 minutes to the left, slipping and sliding down the muddy and rocky path, only to find out that my guide was wrong and had misheard. We had to walk uphill the entire way we had just come. So a total of an hour later I reached the split and reunited with Dr. Gaydosh. We then decided to take the path to the right, and climb about 20 minutes to where a singular male chimp was hanging out in a tree. We were lucky and he didn’t feel like moving too much. We only had to move a little, and got to see him for about 20-30 minutes total. I’d have more to write about this amazing experience, but I’m still so worn out I’ll have to wait until I’m rested again to see if I have more to add to it. Below are a couple of pictures of the chimp we got to see.

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