Monday, April 14, 2014

Yellow Fever, Typhus, and Malaria ... Oh My!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in blogging. I was aiming for once a week, but prepping for comps made that nearly impossible. I am happy to report that I passed with flying colors. Luckily that means I will graduate, unluckily that means I have to still do work for the next 28 days while I wait for graduation to come!

So a quick shoutout to those that have donated on my GoFundMe page. All of your support is greatly appreciated! If you can help with even $5 click the link on the right and donate. If not, the page has links for sharing on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Please take a minute to share my link, or even my blog with your friends!

So on to trip preparation! With all of the other busyness going on around here it has been whirlwind. So everything is set to go with the trip. I booked the flight and the accommodations have been paid as well. Last Wednesday I got my first shots and prescriptions for the trip.

I went to the travel doctor and received a Yellow Fever vaccine and a Typhus Vaccine. Additionally, I was given a prescription for a broad spectrum antibiotic and for Malaria prevention. I'll have to get a few more shots from the health department. The additional shots are for things like Hepatitis A and B, and a Tdap booster. So a few more needles in my future!  I attached a picture that the nurse was kind enough for me to take before I received my vaccines. You can see my Yellow Fever Card (required to enter the country) and the box for the vaccine.

Additionally, I received my passport in the mail on Saturday! I had to apply for a renewal as my last one had expired last year.  One more step is complete on my journey to Africa! Thanks to everyone keeping up on my blog. Let me know if there is anything you want to know about while I prep for the trip. Feel free to share my blog on your facebook etc!

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