Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Rwanda Tech Purchase

Another brief update (I fear most will be brief until I take comps and party of my life will return). I made my first purchase for the Rwanda trip today and it was a tech purchase. I know many that know me and read this are not surprised in the least by this fact. So I was looking at buying a GoPro 3+ Black Edition for the trip to Rwanda to get some cool Point of View shots and some other ones that are easier to do with such a small and versatile device. One of the students going with me on the trip messaged me and told me about a similar device that looks promising and it is on sale on Amazon. So I did some quick research and figured it was worth the risk. If I don't like it then I'll return it and be less cheap / buy the GoPro. Here is a picture of the device I bought. I'll add a little review on here once I get it next week and get to play around with it. It's 1080p, has a waterproof case, I can strap it to my head, dashboard, bike helmet, or bike handlebars if I want. Lets hope it helps me bring back some cool footage from the trip!

Also, thanks to everyone that's donated! I'm up to $200!! Big thanks to all of you. If you have a minute check out my GoFundMe and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Every little bit helps!

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